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Repair of the heating system

Decentralised solution

Gas appliances are situated in each housing unit individually, they offer high energy efficiency, security, and lower administrative costs.

The so-called decentralised, solution simplifies the calculation of gas consumption: As every gas device has its own gas meter, the Distributor can directly deal the costs of gas that has been spent with tenant. Each resident can adjust heating according to their own needs. In addition, heat losses are smaller due to smaller length of the pipeline.

A resolution system by multiple condensing smoke uptake connector of Bosch Thermal technique today already has a rich experience of application in Europe and Croatia. Therefore, it is certainly advisable to take advantage of the proven advantages of this system over time. Do not be willing to accept the choice of systems which will throw your money through the chimney even after the resolution, and who will not be in line with European norms. And especially do not let such a decision to be made by others. Learn about the options that Bosch Thermal tehnique allows you, and about equipment that is located in your current or future residential space

Only this way you will enjoy the opportunities that today’s cutting edge technology puts at the service of your safety and comfort. Please keep in mind that stake in safety and high efficiency of energy is a lasting value. Modern condensation technology is unsurpassed in its low consumption and high comfort of use of energy. Thanks to lower costs of heating, condensing boilers can be depreciated already for several years. This significantly raises the value of the apartment and the building.

The non-refundable flue gas valve

The function of the damper is to prevent the entry of flue gases from the pretlačnog uptake, which is connected to a larger number of devices for heating, in a heating device that is not currently in operation. Therefore, this safe and functional element is neccessary part of resolution systems with connector of a number of gas devices on one uptake. From a technical point of view there are different performance of chimney valve, and with the legal side their accommodation differs.

Therefore, a certificate, which is made according to the gas directive (GAD – Gas Directive), also includes a one-way flap. The condensate Bosch devices contain factory-built uptake flap, and are thus already factory-ready for resolution using the pretlačnog system, or a system with the possibility of connection of a number of devices on a single uptake. Namely, if is located in the device itself for heating, as is the case for the device Bosch flue gas valve is tested and certified in the framework of the examination of the device.
Furthermore, the Bosch devices have been examined and certified together with original is uptake system so that the certificate according to the gas directive refers to a device with a uptake system as the whole system so it is valid for the device, the flap and the uptake.

The advantages of decentralised condensing heating system

  • on the Bosch flue exhaust system with multiple capture of the chimney can be attached more gas devices, according to the budget
  • since existing chimneys can be used, no structural changes are required on a building
  • easy maintenance with eligible costs
  • easy to combine with the solar system, which can be exported subsequently
  • the optimum drive of the boiler independent of the air in the room, even after the windows and facades of buildings recovery
  • allows the use of condensation boilers and thus achieving energy savings of up to 30%
  • a simple calculation of the spent gas
  • quick installation of the boiler, for which in the most of cases construction changes are not neccessary
  • tenants self-manage the installation of heating, according to their needs
  • easy maintenance and service of gas boiler

It is important to emphasize the advantage of factory-built damper and thus certified the Assembly of Bosch and Buderus, because the parameter is already included in the resistance of the budget according to the applicable standard EN 13384. It’s the only way to secure the correct result of the budget, which is the basis of proper operation of the system.

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