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Repair of the heating system

Centralized solution

The costs of maintenance and repairs are more favorable than for decentralized solutions, because one boiler or several boilers must be maintain.

It allows more space

Furthermore, more space is available in residential area. In addition, one or more renewable energy sources, eg large solar systems, can be connected to the central heating installation immediately or later.

Modern heating solutions put the housing economy ahead of great challenges. Existing equipment for central heating, in residential buildings and entire residential complexes is slowly but surely obsolete, meaning modernization is inevitable. Although many tenants want to have their unit device in the apartment, the fact is that, in terms of energy and investment, the boiler is a more acceptable solution. In addition to saving on maintenance and servicing costs, housing savings are also significant today. For medium and large installations in residential construction, business buildings and industry, energy efficiency provides great energy savings, which you can use great with Bosch Heating tehnique as a partner.

With flawlessly aligned components we can realize complete systems, cost-effective to investor and lessee, and environmentally friendly systems. Modernization by switching from conventional gas boilers to condensing gas boilers, using heat energy from hot flue gas boilers, makes it possible to achieve greater energy efficiency. This can save between 15% and 30% of energy depending on the system.

Better fuel usage, less environmental pollution, exemplary economy – Bosch and Buderus condensing boilers are the term of efficiency in the area of condensing boiler technology.

When it comes to efficient heat production, you can choose between different models. Depending on the need for heat energy, it is possible to have an independent boiler or cascade design.

Depending on the specificity of the object, condensing technology in cascade design is one of the most visible solutions of reliable, efficient and ecological boiler rooms. The capabilities of cascade wall systems also cover the needs of residential buildings. The control system allows cascading up to 16 devices.

The factory installation components allow up to 10 devices to be installed in one cascade block. Setup can be performed on the wall, supporting the construction of a line or back structure of the back to the back. Quick, easy, tidy. With the best possible space utilization.

Is this not the most flexible installation option you know? Bosch and Buderus solutions for housing modernization can be implemented very easily and without disturbing the everyday lives of tenants, which is a decisive advantage in the dynamic housing market. This can only be achieved with the help of the unique Bosch and Buderus technology systems.

The Advantages of a centralized condensing heating system

  • energy-saving condensing technology and thermal performance modulation
  • it is possible to connect to the solar system
  • verified and proven aluminium boiler heat exchanger
  • lower maintenance and servicing costs
  • installation of boilers is not usually required for building modifications
  • more available space
  • easy to install thanks to the smaller weight and fully pre-assembled, factory-fitted and tested assembly

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